"Women Living IMpowered Lives"
"Women Living IMpowered Lives"
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  November 29th, 2023

S1 E22 - Your Attitude Determines your Altitude

How often do you feel like everything is going wrong and your head is stuck in the negative? Or, are you around someone who is inspiring and always positive and want to reap the same success in life as they do? Join Coach Greg in this episode of Living IMpowered as he discusses the "how to" of real life attitude impact and how you can raise yours to be living an amazing life. Also join Coach in the Kitchen with a little comfort food; Easy potato cheese soup. Don't miss it! Keep living IMpowered.

  November 15th, 2023

S1 E21 - The Power of Forgiveness & Cooking with Coach - Amazing Breakfast

Forgiveness and Gratitude are two powerhouse virtues that can change your life. This week join Coach Greg as he helps you understand and implement the power of Forgiveness into your life. It is a life changer so don't miss it.

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